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As this is a vintage bike event, there are a few guidelines as to which bikes are allowed at the event. Two bike specialists will check the bikes at the start number distribution.

Year of manufacture

Bicycles and mountain bikes built up until 1990 with steel, aluminium or carbon frames.

Ein Vintage Bike.

Racing bike

  • Gear lever on frame
  • Pedals with clips and straps, clipless pedals only Look before 1990, PS26 to PP76
  • Rim brakes with one joint, no DualPivot (two-joint) or hydraulic brakes
  • Wheels without high-profile

Vintage mountain bikes are very welcome.

Ein Vintage-Mountainbike

Mountain bike

  • Thumb shifters
  • Cantilever or U-brake
  • Maximum 21 gears


Clothing appropriate to the era of the wheel, e.g:

  • Wool jerseys
  • Leather cycling shoes
  • old leather trainers etc.

are very welcome and appreciated.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is not prohibited!


The Gstaad Velo Classic appreciates participants who enjoy a full-on, authentic gear. At the Gstaad Velo Classic, neither times are measured nor are there placings, but there are prizes for the most beautiful and authentic appearance (bike/outfit).

An independent jury will judge the appearance of each participant in terms of bike/bicycle and outfit that matches the era and the bike/bicycle, from top to toe.


For all those who are interested in riding but do not have a suitable bicycle/bike of their own or have a bicycle/bike that needs a minor or major service, you will find help in the specialist workshops listed below.